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Click on the image below to download our latest updated MARCH 2019 price list.

Shipping Terms
Our shipments are contracted if no other transport company is specified by you.
We will pay the carriage price.
part of it will be reflected to your account under billing.

Warranty and Return Policy
Please provide the defective products that meet the warranty conditions to our sales representative.
Defective products shipped to us without explanation are not followed.
Do not return without giving information to our Sales Representative.

General Information
Prices in our list are predominantly TL.
Our USD and EURO products are also on our list and the currencies are indicated on the sides.
Prices do not include VAT.
Our list is for informational purposes. Based on the current prices at the time of sale.
All BRANDS and CODES mentioned are for informational purposes.

Account Numbers
HALK BANK S.Beyli Bazaar Branch (1477) Account No: 10100282
TR23 0001 2001 4770 0010 1002 82

GARANTI BANK S.Beyli Carsi Branch (1191) Account No: 6297695
TR46 0006 2000 3920 0006 2976 95

YAPI KREDİ S.Beyli Branch Office (689) Account No: 83368073
TR18 0006 7010 0000 0083 3680 73